Ceramic Implants

Ceramic Implant From SDS Swiss Dental Solutions

ceramic implant

A healthy, Metal Free Solution

Ceramic Implants from SDS are very compatible and integrate into the jawbone like other implants.

Ceramic Implants are 100% metal-free and Biocompatible.

Ceramic Implants from Swiss Dental Solution result from more than 20 years of combined experience and know-how, these implants are FDA approved and surpass all quality standards for dental implants.

Ceramic Implants from Swiss Dental Solutions has a unique protocol that allows generally teeth to be extracted and ceramic implants to be placed immediately within one session-.

The lighter color of Ceramic Implants eliminates unwanted gray margins at the gum line or metal gleaming through as with titanium implants.

Ceramic Implants from SDS are naturally white and offer the highest aesthetics for the most beautiful smile line and it's the perfect solution for the esthetic zone while patients are losing their front teeth.

Please call Kathy Cosmetic Dentistry for your dental implant and meet our board-certified surgeon. Our goal is to provide a minimally invasive protocol to replace your missing teeth in the aesthetic zone and restore your natural smile.

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