Safe Mercury Removal | Dentist Woodland Hills, CA

Over the years, dental technology has continued to improve. One of those improvements has been the development of composite or tooth colored fillings, which are quickly replacing the traditional amalgam fillings that contain trace amounts of mercury. If you do not feel comfortable with your original fillings, call Kathy Cosmetic Dentistry at 818-347-1550 today to make an appointment with Dr. Kathy Daroee for mercury removal in Woodland Hills, California.

At our office our dentist uses the DentAirVac, which is part of the Dental Mercury Vapor and Oral Aerosol Vacuum Systems (DAV VII Turbo) line of products. Dr. Daroee uses the DentAirVac as part of the amalgam removal process to keep you and our dental team safe from the microbiological contaminants and toxic vapors that might be produced when silver fillings are removed. Not only does this vacuum remove these potentially dangerous substances but also keeps the air in the exam room clean as well.
When and amalgam filling is removed from your tooth, you, Dr. Daroee and our team can be exposed to vapors containing mercury and other contaminants. By using this system, our team can everyone involved in the treatment safe from things such as:

  • Particulates from dental prophy powder
  • Dust from the removal
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Small amounts of smoke that can be a biproduct of dental laser usage
  • Mercury vapors

If you would like to know more about removing amalgam fillings and the many ways our team keeps you safe during every visit to our office, please contact our office today.