Composite Dental Fillings | Dentist Woodland Hills, CA

Tooth decay, even in a very small area should never be ignored. If not addressed, that area of decay could become a cavity, or lead to an infection, that may require a root canal or even an extraction. Dr. Kathy Daroee believes that when it comes to the health of your smile, style and comfort can come together to create fantastic results. Our dentist uses composite fillings in Woodland Hills, California, as a healthy and aesthetically pleasing way to repair tooth decay or damage.

Composite fillings are preferred by many patients and dentists over the traditional amalgam fillings for two reasons. They contain no mercury, which has become a concern for many people over the years. But the primary reason for their popularity is because they can be shaded to blend in with your natural tooth, making them almost invisible to other people. The composite material is placed in layers and each layer is cured before the next one is added. The composite bonds directly to the surface your tooth and form a strong seal around the edges. Since it is applied in liquid form it fills the area and requires less drilling than needed for amalgam fillings. If you need a larger filling in the future, Dr. Daroee can simply add more layers of composite.

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