Our dentist, Dr. Kathy Daroee, believes in keeping our patients informed and making sure that they are an active member of our team and participant in their dental care. One of the ways that we enhance your visit to Kathy Cosmetic Dentistry is through the use of extraoral and intraoral photography in Woodland Hills, California. Extraoral photography allows our team to create a custom treatment plan for your smile by taking detailed pictures of your teeth to help you make decisions about your treatment. It is one of the ways that Dr. Daroee helps you to understand your dental needs and is an important first step in designing your dream smile, since it can also be used to preview how your restoration will appear, once it is in place.

Intraoral photography allows Dr. Daroee to take an even closer look at your mouth and see into areas that are normally difficult to examine. Intraoral photography is done with a very small camera, no bigger than a pen. It not only accesses those hard-to-reach areas of your mouth and teeth, it gives you and Dr. Daroee the ability to see real-time images in while you are in the chair. The better you understand your oral health, the better you will be able to work with our team to create a treatment plan.

To learn more about the role photography plays in your care, call 818-347-1550 today and a member of our team will help you get ready for your visit.