Cosmetic Design Imaging Module | Dentist Woodland Hills, CA

Your smile is as unique as you are. At Kathy Cosmetic Dentistry, we take steps to ensure that your cosmetic treatments are designed and implemented not only to give you a smile of which you can be proud, but one that is carefully crafted to fit you and meet your needs. Even when it comes to “routine” improvements such as dental veneers or whitening, no two smiles are alike, and our dentist and team understand that your smile is reflection of you, and any treatment, no matter how small, should also reflect that. We use a cosmetic design imaging module in Woodland Hills, California, which allows you and Dr. Kathy Daroee the opportunity to work together to create strengthen your oral health and enhance your appearance.

Through the use of digital imaging technology, combined with photography and wax models, we can easily show you the final results of your cosmetic to restorative treatments. Before we even begin work, you can see how your new smile will look and function and view firsthand how it will relate to the rest of your appearance. You have the chance to give Daroee your input on what you like and what you would like to change. It is an important first step in creating the smile you want.

To learn more about how our cosmetic design imaging module can improve your self-image and your dental experience, call 818-347-1550 today and we will help you plan your visit.