Innovative Technology

Digital X-Rays

Allows our team to produce higher quality x-ray images that can be seen in a timely manner.

Intraoral & Extraoral

Allows our team to photograph the inside and outside of our patients mouths to better monitor their oral health.

Cosmetic Design
Imaging Module

Allows the patient to visualize the appearance and benefit of propose treatment.

Soft Tissue Laser

Allows us to aesthetically modify the gum line with greater accuracy which dramatically improves healing time, and also can be used to reduce gum disease and eliminate cold sores.


Allows us to eliminate enamel discoloration and irregularity, combination/ tooth bleaching therapy yields attractive cosmetic results and also allows us to remove small cavities without numbing.


A high powered suction which allows us to remove both the vapor and the mercury particles.

Piezo Ultrasonic System

A fiber optic slim hand-piece design that operates in a linear motion providing less sensitivity for patient and ideal for teeth cleaning, periodontal, general scaling and implant maintenance.